Manufacturing Quality Cutting Tools Since 1961.
Founded in 1961 by Heinrich Heule in the Rhine Valley of western Switzerland, HEULE continues to be a world leader in manufacturing of chamfering and deburring tools. After serving the European community for over 25 years, HEULE expanded to the United States. HEULE has been providing high quality chamfering and deburring tools to the North American market since 1988.

Through constant development of solutions for various customer applications, HEULE created a series of innovative precision tools for front and back deburring, chamfering, and countersinking. Most of HEULE's products are sold as standard stocked items, but with state of the art engineering, they also provide custom solutions for customer's specific needs.

HEULE is committed to the values of quality, precision, and service. Competent service, fast delivery times, and customized solutions are the highest priorities. From all ranks, HEULE's committed and motivated expert staff carry out their work with reliability and professionalism. Customers worldwide attest to the high quality standard HEULE provides and continually improves through innovative ideas and sophisticated technology.

HEULE strives to provide excellent quality in our products and customer service. By introducing new innovative products, HEULE can take advantage of a relatively small niche market. With step-by-step marketing and small company size, HEULE treats key customers and sales people with individual attention. HEULE utilizes the skills of key distributors and local representatives to provide the support customers need with 90% of orders received are shipped complete that same day. With HEULE, you receive quality products and excellent service when you need it.