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BSF - Large Ratio Automatic Back Counterboring & Spotfacing Tool

BSF Application
BSF Application
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Back Spotfacing up to 2.3 x Bore Diameter
The simple BSF tool concept allows back spotfacing or back counterboring in one operation without turning the workpiece. The BSF spotfaces up to 2.3 times the bore diameter. Our standard range starts with holes as small as 6.5 mm to 20.5 mm and designed to cut all materials.

How to Order

The tools and blades are sold separately and they each have an OFFSET dimension. When combined they equal the effective counterbore diameter. Choose the tool closest to the bore diameter, then choose the proper blade for the required counterbore diameter. There are 36 different size carbide blades that can fit their corresponding tool holder series. Changing the blade is easily executed with an assembly pin that is included with each tool. An extra split pin is included with each blade that is ordered.

How Does the BSF Tool Work?

BSF (Back Spot Facer) is an economical backwards counterboring tool. It allows the machining of large spot faces and counter bores without turning the work piece over. This means that the machining is done on the same side as the drilled hole. The BSF is specifically designed for CNC machining and functions without an anti-rotation device, change of spindle direction or contact mechanism. The blade expands using centrifugal force when activating the spindle. The blade retracts by coolant pressure. The coolant pressure moves a piston which is pushing a pin that forces the blade (closed) into the blade housing. The design of the BSF focuses on optimal cutting performance, chip removal and reliability. The tool and the blade have special coolant pipes and chip guiding geometries that continuously flush the blade window and the blade itself with coolant. This keeps the whole section clean and allows for optimal chip removal performance. The tool is a simplistic design but very robust with the pressure of the coolant.


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