One Operation - For Front and Back Deburring, Chamfering, Drilling and Countersinking

GH-Z/E -Back Counterboring and Spotfacing

Heule's GH-Z Tool
Heule's GH-Z Tool
Heule's GH-Z Application
Heule's GH-Z Application
Heule's GH-Z Application
Heule's GH-Z Application


The GH-Z/E tool is a twin bladed front and back counterboring tool that produces accurate back spotfaces, large countersinks, and precision forms. Reversing the spindle actuates the cutting insert with positive control, blades do not flip out.

Rigid blades keyed within the blade housing offer balance force distribution.

Strongest and most durable automatic back boring tool.

No chip interference with blade activation.

Suitable for CNC machines.

Available in sizes 8mm-80mm (0.315"-3.150")


  1. Anti rotation device
  2. Shank
  3. Tool head
  4. Blade housing
  5. Blade control
  6. Blade/cartridge with insert

Application Examples


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