One Operation - For Front and Back Deburring, Chamfering, Drilling and Countersinking

SNAP - Simple Deburring and Chamfering Tool

Heule's SNAP Tool
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Heule's SNAP Application
Heule's SNAP Application
Heule's SNAP Application
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Heule's SNAP Application







The SNAP chamfering tool is the answer for today's manufacturing requiring simpler and more flexible solutions without sacrificing quality or tool life. SNAP is a very simple tool for deburring and/or chamfering through holes on the top and bottom without reversing the spindle, dwelling, or indexing the part. The SNAP tool offers a simple to use high quality chamfering tool with Carbide inserts coated with TiN, TiCN, or TiAIN to meet today's manufacturing needs.

SNAP is a single bladed tool for deburring and chamfering the front and back of a through hole in one operation.

SIMPLE - the easy to use tool requires no tools and no adjustments. Changing the blade is as easy as pushing out the old and putting in a new blade.

FAST - the patented cutting geometry was developed for excellent finish at faster cutting conditions and eliminating secondary burrs. The 'GS' and 'DF' geometries allow for general or precision chamfering with the swap of an insert.

ECONOMICAL - users have reported tool life over 40K holes in aluminum, 30K holes in cast iron, and 8K holes in steel.

Available from stock from 2mm-25mm (0.080"-0.984")


  1. Tool body
  2. Control bolt
  3. Spring
  4. Distance pin
  5. Set screw
  6. SNAP Blade

Application Examples

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