One Operation - For Front and Back Deburring, Chamfering, Drilling and Countersinking

VEX-S - Drill/Deburr Combination Tool

Heule's VEX-S Tool
Heule's VEX-S Tool
Heule's VEX-S Application
Heule's VEX-S Application
Heule's VEX-S Application
Heule's VEX-S Progessive




The VEX-S tool combines a new high performance solid carbide drill with Heule’s patented SNAP chamfering system to drill and chamfer through holes in a single operation. Combining common operations increases the user’s productivity and efficiency while maintaining quality. The specially developed connecting system ensures a robust and accurate connection with the tool body and facilitates good transmission of power and also allows quick and easy replacement of the VEX-S twist drill.

Combines a replaceable solid carbide high performance twist drill with Heule`s patented SNAP chamfering system to make drilling and front and back chamfering in a single operation possible.

Excellent for machining smaller diameter holes.

Replaceable drill tip can be reground and recoated for optimum cost effectiveness.

Available from stock in sizes 5mm-10.5mm.


  1. Tool body
  2. Control bolt
  3. Spring
  4. Distance pin
  5. Set screw
  6. SNAP blade
  7. Drill bit

Application Examples



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Deburring: COFA | SNAP     Chamfering: SNAPDEFA     Countersinking:  SOLO | GH-Z/E | GH-K  

Spotfacing: BSF | SOLO | GH-Z/E     Counterboring: BSF | SOLO | GH-Z/E     Drilling: VEX-S | COMBI

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