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Countersinking Bores for a Tractor Component

Posted on: November 17, 2017
Tags: Steel, SOLO, Heavy Equipment, Countersinking
countersinks on a gear component for a tractor

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A major heavy equipment manufacturer was looking for a solution to produce countersinks on bores for a gear component on a tractor.

countersinks on a gear component for a tractor

Application details

  • Bore: Ø12.5 mm
  • Countersinking: Ø15.0mm
  • Material: OSTE 460N (similar to 1.8901)
  • Machining parameters:
    Cutting speed: 55 m/min
    Working feed: 0.03 mm/rev
    Coolant: internal coolant
Heule Solo tool for countersinking, counterboring, spotfacing


The proposed solution from HEULE is the countersinking tool SOLO.



The SOLO enables a complete treatment of 8 workpieces per setting. The laborious encompassing can be eliminated completely as well as the time-consuming interpolar milling of the countersinking (sinking depth approx. 10mm). The customer now has a process reliable, fast and complete solution.



Interested in a SOLO countersinking tool? Visit the SOLO product page for more info. 

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