HEULE Back Spotfacing Tool Featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Posted on: May 14, 2019
Tags: Back Spotfacing, BSF, Inconel, Press, Aerospace
back spotfacing tool in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Overcoming a Back Spotfacing Challenge

Whitcraft Group machinists use Heule tools to meet tight tolerances on difficult Inconel parts.


Aerospace industry specs often call for a part to be machined to the thousandth of an inch. In an ideal world, that level of precision wouldn’t sacrifice production time or tool longevity. Whitcraft Group, a manufacturer of aerospace components, is living in that ideal world, machining parts accurately, quickly, and without tool failure.

Mike Anderson, lead/supervisor of the Bearing Housing Flow Line at Whitcraft, gives the credit to the Back spot facing (BSF) tool from Heule Tool he recently brought into the shop’s line. The BSF has sped up production time, decreased insert costs, and increased tool longevity, without sacrificing precision.




For videos, catalogs, and more case studies of the BSF tool, please see the BSF Product Page. To download a PDF of the full article in AMD, click here.