HEULE Countersinking Tools Featured in May CTE

Posted on: June 15, 2020
Tags: SOLO, Countersinking, Aerospace, COMP
HEULE countersinking tools aerospace rivets

North American President Gary Brown was recently interviewed by Cutting Tool Engineering about the benefits of automating the countersinking process in the manufacturing of large aircraft. He explains how tools like HEULE's SOLO and COMP can help companies reduce costs and labor while improving product quality:

“The surfaces on these parts can vary by a quarter inch (6.35 mm) or more in height, so you need a tool that can float up and down while remaining perfectly perpendicular,” he said. “Our Comp tools are used on the doors for the 737, for instance, each of which has around 800 fasteners. But we also see a lot of demand from turbine manufacturers who need to chamfer both sides of a hole. For this, our Defa tools are a popular option, or the Solo, which has a retractable, spring-loaded blade. One of our largest customers uses these in an automated machine to put 100° countersinks on engine fairings.”

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