IMTS First Peak of New BSF Tool! Booth W-1352

Posted on: August 6, 2014

Competitive Solution for Back Spot Faces and Counter Bores of up to 2.3xd

HEULE PRECISION TOOLS will launch their latest development at IMTS 2014. The new BSF tool extends their range for automated high volume production of back spotfacing and counterboring. Now, a counter bore ratio of up to 2.3xd is possible. The tool is used for diameters from 6.5 to 20 mm without needing to turn over the workpiece. The productive efficiency is distinguished by its process capability, proper functioning and high cost effectiveness, thanks to fast process cycles and a minimum of secondary time.

As the most innovative provider of tools for processing both bore edges in a single pass, HEULE presents another first class solution for back spot facing. Since the machining is done from the same side as the bore is drilled, it is also possible to apply spot faces or counter bores in areas that are difficult to access, such as bores between the forks of yokes or screw head counter sinks.

The goal of this development was to assure the crucial process capability for large volume production of diameters of up to 2.3xd. The BSF is specifically designed for CNC machining and is immediately ready for production.

This highly competitive tool has a lot to offer with its compact and simple design concept and function principle since it does not need any adjustments. HEULE succeeded in merging the advantages of a simple folding mechanism with the required process capability of series production. In addition, the long tool life of its blade accounts for a minimum of machine downtime.

The design concept of the BSF tool system is complex. The blade unfolds by activating the spindle with an initial rpm and by the gravity of its own weight. An impulse of the internal coolant folds the blade back on demand. This means that the tool requires a machine equipped with an internal coolant of approximately 20 bar working pressure. Whether you use aluminum, high grade steel or inconel and titan, the tool and the specifically coated blade can work a large variety of materials. If the tool needs to be serviced due to wear, its components (blade, pin or split pin) can be easily replaced.

Stop by IMTS Booth W-1352 to see this tool!