New Website Launch Features Case Studies, Mobile Responsive Design

Posted on: January 16, 2018
Tags: website, Company news

Our newly re-designed website has just been launched. Our goal with the new site is to provide a more user-friendly experience with improved mobile-responsive navigation and functionality, as well as allowing users to access more information to enable better product education and purchasing decisions. 

The new site includes technical data, videos, testimonials, and case studies which provide a more detailed overview of tool capabilities. The new case studies section of the website includes navigation to allow users to view case studies categorized by industry, application, material, and tool. For example, a user who is looking for a tool for chamfering Inconel in the production of aircraft parts would be able to find similar case studies to determine tool possibilities that may work to solve his or her manufacturing challenge. Users can also browse these case studies for information about the particular benefits of using automated tools for high-volume manufacturing—such as reduced cycle times and higher quality parts—in real customer situations.

Another new addition to this website is industry pages dedicated to providing more specific information to customers in the primary manufacturing sectors that HEULE serves, including aerospace, automotive, energy, medical/small parts, construction/large parts, and precision machining. Users from these industries can browse through testimonials, case studies, and common tools used to solve the challenges that are relevant to manufacturing and production in his or her industry.

“Our goal is to continue to provide more ways for our customers and partners to learn about our tools and the ways they can be used to solve manufacturing challenges. We know that manufacturing engineers, machinists, and others in our industry are interested in researching products and finding the best solutions. We’re excited to provide that opportunity through our website, to continue getting information out there that helps our customers stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology,” said HEULE Tool Corporation President Gary Brown about the website launch.