Tackle Cross Bore Deburring Challenges with HEULE X-Bores Tooling

Posted on: August 28, 2017
Tags: Deburring, Cofa, X-Bores
Cross Bore Deburring Cofa

In the manufacturing world, existing technologies often run into their limits. Modern components increasingly have more complex geometries and are made of new materials or material combinations. When it comes to deburring, the demands on the quality, process capability and efficiency that have to be met are rising continuously.

To solve these challenges, HEULE has introduced new X-Bores series tooling. X-Bores is a solution-based system for the automated precision deburring of cross bores. Three chip-making tool versions are available to address different challenge areas associated with deburring:

1. COFA is HEULE's standard solution which allows for easy deburring of cross bores by removing burrs on the front and back of a drilled through-hole on even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle. It radially removes the burrs without requiring the workpiece to be turned or the spindle to be stopped. COFA is the universal solution for round tubes, yokes, and other uneven, angled surfaces. All COFA tooling is available from stock and shipped from Heule’s Cincinnati-area warehouse.

2. COFA-X,  a specialized tool for more complex situations, is designed to handle three types of bores: those with an identical or nearly identical diameter crossing each other; bores which merge into one another; and crossing bores with offset centers. This system is effective on fittings, hydraulic manifolds, and other components with 1:1 ratio of holes.

3. SNAP-X (also referred to as the Main Bore Tool) is a special-order tool that deburrs cross bores that leave sharp edges, such as for a central bore where several cross bores of various diameters lead in from different angles. SNAP-X tooling allows several cross bores to be machined right at the burr base and is effective on shafts and drive train components with intersecting cross holes.

For assistance with finding a solution for your cross bore deburring challenge, please contact us for further information.