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"[The GH-Z] increased production and shortened a 15 hour operation to only 2.5 hours." 

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How Does It Work?

The compact tool head contains the mechanical control for blade activation. The integrated braking system, which is fixed by the anti-rotation device to the machine, guarantees a defined position of the blades. Depending on spindle rotation, the cutting blades will extend or retract perpendicular to the bore axis and pass through the bore with a counterclockwise rotation. After the blades pass beyond the work piece and any side wall, the spindle is activated clockwise and the blades extend automatically. The tool feeds back into the work piece to counterbore depth, pushes out of the bore and reverses the spindle to retract the cutting blades. 

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Back counterboring large parts


Reliable Automated Front and Back Counterboring Tools

  • Designed for front and back counterboring of large parts 
  • Capable of producing forward and reverse spotfaces as well as special from countersinks and other contour forms
  • Prevents chip interference when blade is activated
  • Modular tool system with coolant through the center
  • Suitable for CNC machines
  • Used widely in the turbine industry and large part production
  • GH-Z: Two effective cutters
  • GH-E: Single cutter for larger ratio counterbores

GH-Z/E tools are capable of counterbores reaching 2x the bore diameter plus 1 mm. Each tool is designed and ordered to meet your needs and requirements. 

GH-Z/E counterboring tool

How Do I Order a GH-Z or GH-E Tool?

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Typical variables to consider: Counterbore (ØD) to hole (Ød) ratio(Max 2x hole diameter minus 1mm (0.040”), in-process hole diameter and tolerance, overall tool length, interrupted cut or weldments, material quality, machine or part rigidity, surface finish, cast surfaces or machined surface.

Tooling options may include manual or automated tool changer (ARD) arm, guide & wear bushings, and front & back cutters.

Please note large ratios and difficult applications require a single blade or cartridge cutter for added stability. The tool head is modified to accommodate the single blade application (GH-E). Max ratio = Ød x 2 - 1mm

Please fill out the Application Data Sheet with each application request and include your part print and/or configuration.

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