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Heule's COFA-X Solution for Wheel Bearing Excellence

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Heule's COFA-X Solution for Wheel Bearing Excellence

Jan 29, 2024

Knoepfel AG, a leading manufacturer in high-precision mechanical components, faced a significant challenge in producing wheel bearings made of high-tensile steel with intersecting cross bores. Manual deburring, a time-consuming process using scrapers and brushes, prompted the search for a more efficient solution. Turning to HEULE Precision Tools, represented by Eisenbart GmbH, Knoepfel AG implemented the COFA-X tool from the X-BORES series, customized for their application. The seamless integration resulted in eliminating manual deburring, saving up to 12 minutes per workpiece and contributing to an annual time savings of around 280 hours. The success of this partnership showcases a solution-oriented approach, emphasizing customer proximity and professional support.

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