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Case Studies

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Knoepfel Wheel Bearing Case Study Featuring COFA-X Crosshole Deburring Tool

Knoepfel AG, a leading manufacturer in high-precision mechanical components, faced a significant challenge in producing wheel bearings made of high-tensile steel with intersecting cross bo...

finished hole cross hole deburr

A hydraulics manufacturer was able to reduce production costs and eliminate manual deburring using HEULE's X-Bores technology to deburr complex cross bores. 


A manufacturer was deburring the oil bores on these crankshafts by hand for a large automotive customer. After repeated complaints from the customer, the manufacturer set out to look for a more reliab...

hydraulic fitting with cross bores

A manufacturer of hydraulic components and fittings was looking for a more efficient and safer deburring solution for the cross hole of a ball valve. The goal was to automate the process and eliminate...

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