Heinrich Heule

Remembering Heule's Founder & Visionary

Heule mourns the loss of its founder.

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Manufacturing engineers discussing the best deburring tools for aluminum next to a CNC machine

Spotfacing & Counterboring 

Providing reliable high-quality results in one operation.


SNAP - Precision Chamfering

Precision Chamfering

Compact, versatile, and easy-to-use.


Expedient shipping from our warehouse helps to streamline your business needs

Drilling & Chamfering

Specifically engineered for efficient and precise drilling and chamfering.


COFA - Front & Back Deburring Tool

Consistent & Precise Results 

Deburring and chamfering tool designed for front and back machining of through holes in a single operation.


HEULE 2023 catalog deburring tools chamfering tools spotfacing tool

Explore the Heule Precision Tools Catalog now!


Heule Tool Corporation offers a 244-page full-line product catalog. This catalog provides order number charts with ordering instructions, detailed illustrations, and technical data for all its standard tooling. It also includes programming and instructional information, as well as application reference material to help select the proper tool.


The Heule Tool Full Product Line Catalog features new products, product sizes, and case studies. Included in the new catalog, alongside the popular COFA tool, is the new COFA-C series tool which offers a larger edge break for hole sizes 6mm to 26mm, as well as new C-series cassettes that expand Heule’s large bore options. Also included in the catalog are video reference links for blade changes and updated programming pages. Some of the new product sizes in the Heule catalog include more SNAP 2 and 3 chamfer sizes, BSF sizes extended up to 21.0mm, and extended SNAP 5-hole options from 5.0mm to 10.5mm. Other small details have been added, changed, removed, or corrected throughout the entire catalog so please look before ordering an old part number.

To view and download the HEULE catalog, please visit our catalog page. If you would prefer a hard copy of our catalog, please visit our catalog request page.