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COFA Catalog

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COFA C-Series Catalog

COFA Catalog

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Includes the NEW Cofa C-Series Tools

How to Change the Blade on the COFA C2, C3 from HEULE Precision Tools on Vimeo.

Blade Change for the Cofa C2, C3

COFA C2 C3 Blade Change

COFA C2 C3 Spring Change

COFA 4M 5M Blade Change

Please Note: This video already shows the blade change with the new split pin that has been extended with a mounting aid. There will be a transition period where the existing version will be delivered as standard.

COFA 4M 5M Spring Change

COFA C6-C12 Blade Change

COFA C6-C20 Spring Change

COFA 6-12 Spring Change (previous system without blade holder)