BSF-Air Product Release

Posted on: August 30, 2022
Tags: BSF, Aluminum, Aerospace, Spotfacing, Back Counterboring
Heule BSF-Air
The New Heule BSF-Air

Introducing the NEW BSF-AIR! Heule adds another layer of solutions to back counterboring automation.

Heule releases a new BSF AIR-activated back counterbore tool at this year’s IMTS Machine Show in Chicago. With its new shaft and internal component design, the BSF tool now has the option for blade activation using compressed air instead of coolant. This option is available for all standard BSF tools. The application possibilities are therefore identical to those of the standard BSF tool range.

The required activation force needed is a minimum air pressure of 6-7 bar (90-100psi), which generates an activation force equivalent to 20 bar (280psi) with the internal coolant version. The reaction time of the machine is normally 1-2 seconds, depending on the speed of the pressure build-up of the machine.

Several advantages include the largest hole to counterbore ratio in the industry, quicker activation speed, more consistent reliable pressure, and standard components. Integral shank options are also more readily available.  Existing tools can be easily modified to accommodate the air activation shanks on existing applications. Heule is now stocking air activation straight shanks with H6 Tolerances for all your customer’s needs.