Swiss Visit Inspires Change at HTC

Posted on: June 16, 2017

Use the change. That was the directive given to us by Ulf Heule during his first visit this past week to the new location of Heule Tool Corporation at 131 Commerce Drive in Loveland. Ulf Heule, Rita Heule, and Christoph Keel, the North American Technical Sales Manager from Heule Werkzeug AG in Switzerland,  toured our new facility and met with the employees to offer support, direction, and inspiration in our work to grow Heule’s business in North America.

HTC’s employees and their spouses gathered at Cooper’s Hawk Winery in Liberty Center to celebrate our growth and new location with the Swiss visitors. During the dinner, Ulf spoke to the group about how the headquarters in Switzerland experienced similar growth and change several years ago when they moved into a bigger location. He encouraged HTC to “use the change” that began in Switzerland as inspiration to continue working toward a future of expansion.   

Both Ulf Heule and his father before him, Heinrich Heule, who started Heule Werkzeug AG in 1961, have been the guiding forces and foundation of HTC since it was founded in 1988 in Michigan. North American President Gary Brown, who started working for Heule Tool Corporation in 1989, has been strongly connected with the Switzerland offices and the Heule family since he began with the company.

The longstanding ties among the leadership and the fact that Heule remains a family business make the Heule corporate culture close-knit and supportive.  Ulf, Rita, and Christoph spent the week at our offices offering support and talking with newer employees about the history and structure of the company. The dinner event was like a gathering of old friends—where the Swiss tradition of toasting (clinking glasses with EVERYONE and looking each person directly in the eye) was shared, along with laughs and stories.   

All of us at HTC want to extend a huge THANK YOU to Ulf, Rita, and Christoph for taking the time to visit HTC and projecting such a strong, supportive presence to us. To the success of Heule and a prosperous future to eveyone with whom we do business…Cheers!