Top Performing Sales Partners in 2017

Posted on: February 15, 2018
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Congrats to HEULE award winners


2017 TOP SALES: Mike Palmer, Productive CNC

2017 TOP PERFORMING TERRITORY MANAGER: Jose Luis Gamboa, Hertek Herramental

2017 TOP DISTRIBUTOR: Triumph Tool Ltd. 


With a successful sales year for 2017 behind us, we'd like to thank every one of our sales partners for their hard work and dedication in the past year. It is their effort that allows us to bring more efficient and cost-saving tool solutions to our manufacturing customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

In particular, we'd like to give special acknowledgement to our top earners whose work in the past year has been significant in contributing to HEULE's success. These partners exemplify the work ethic that provides the strong foundation for thriving sales each year. 

Winning the award for "Top Sales" in 2017 was HEULE Independent Sales Agent Mike Palmer of Productive CNC. Year after year, Palmer continues to dominate HEULE sales with his outstanding service to manufacturers in the Indiana and Kentucky area. Always seeking new opportunities and applications for HEULE tools, Palmer has secured substantial accounts with world-leading manufacturers in the region. 

"I couldn't do it without all the support from HEULE behind me," said Palmer, in response to earning the Top Sales Award for 2017. "You guys make it easy," he said, adding his thanks to Technical Sales Engineer Matt Baumet, who oversees Palmer's territory, National Sales Manager Bill Hargrove and President Gary Brown. 

Also of significant note on the HEULE sales team is sales agent Jose Gamboa who manages the Hertek Herramental group that serves our Mexican market. Gamboa was awarded "Top Performing Territory Manager" for exceeding his sales goals for the year. Gamboa spearheaded the team that has alone increased the sales of HEULE products in Mexico year after year. Without the work of the Hertek Herramental group under Gamboa's leadership, we would not be able to see such impressive increases in sales to this region. 

Gamboa accepted the award and spoke on behalf of his entire Hertek Herramental team, saying, "I want to say 'Thank you' to HEULE: first, for allowing us to work for such a great company, and second, for recognizing our efforts to increase the brand presence and customer satisfaction in Mexico. All of this could not be possible without the help and impeccable customer service and engineering support we get from HEULE." 

Rounding out our awards for 2017 top sales earners is Canadian distributor Triumph Tool Ltd. A longtime sales partner to HEULE, Triumph proves again and again its strength as a machining solutions provider by being a multiple-years recipient of our "Top Distributor" award. Triumph's efforts to increase awareness about HEULE tools to the manufacturers of Canada has given us a recognizable presence in the growing manufacturing industry there. With unequaled professionalism, Triumph sets the bar for our distribution partners. 

"We very much appreciate the kind words and being the recipient of the award. We couldn't do it without the tremendous support from the team at HEULE," remarked Triumph President John Duffy, adding, "We appreciate the partnership we have with HEULE that we have had for a very long time and we look forward to many more years ahead as well!" 

We could not agree more with Duffy's words: we are certainly looking forward to long and successful relationships with these award-winners and all of our sales partners. These three winners are among some very strong contributors to our business success and they can certainly be proud to stand out. From all of us at HEULE, congratulations to these winners and a huge "Thank You" to all of the sales partners who made 2017 a very successful year. We are honored to be working with the BEST! 

To contact any of our sales agents, please visit our Locate Agent page. To find your local HEULE distributor, please call or email us: or 513-860-9900.