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Applying Counterbores to a Wind Mill Blade Hub

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Applying Counterbores to a Wind Mill Blade Hub

Oct 1, 2018
wind mill blade hub counterbore tool


This customer in the energy industry became aware of HEULE products at a major trade show. In the course of the following discussion he explained the details of his application. Soon was it obvious that the present process using a manually pluggable back spot facer offered some optimization potential.

Application details:

  • Production volume: 1 to 2 hubs per week (198 counterbores/hub)
  • Bore diameter: Ø39.0 mm
  • Diameter back counterbore: Ø75.0 mm
  • Counterbore depth: up to 15.0 mm (interrupted cut due to casting variance)
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Machine: large vertical boring mill
counterbore tool


Due to the large bore diameter and the diameter of the back counterbore, HEULE's GH-E tool was used. The GH-E tool traverses the bore from the front, extends the blade and then applies the counterbore. It retracts the blade into the bladehousing again and moves out of the bore.

Tool: GH-E 50
Blade: Indexable insert

Machining parameters:

  • Speed: 390 rev/min
  • Feed: 0.1 mm/rev


The customer saves over 12 hours per part over the previous operation.

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