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Deburring a Fuel Pump Component on a Rocket Engine

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Deburring a Fuel Pump Component on a Rocket Engine

Oct 9, 2017


This aerospace manufacturer was looking for a solution for deburring three through-holes with four bore edges each on a fuel pump component for a rocket.

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Application Details

  • 3x Through bore: Ø3.0 mm
  • Deburr size max.: Ø3.4 mm
  • Main bore: Ø11.5 mm
  • Ring groove diameter: Ø24.0 mm
  • Outer diameter component: Ø29.0 mm
  • Material: VACOFLUX (Iron-Cobalt Alloy)
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We have suggested the proven COFA tool system which was the first tool worldwide featuring the ability to deburr even and uneven bore edges forward and backward in one single pass. It removes the burrs radially from the bore edges without requiring to turn the work piece or to stop the spindle.

Our answer to the task: A COFA C3/3.0 standard tool with a Z spring.

Machining parameters:

Working speed of 1800 rpm, Cutting speed vc of 20 m/min.
Working feed of 0.02 mm/rev.


The customer's main focus was the automation of the manual deburring of the cross bores.

By using the COFA tool for the automated front and back deburring of the cross bores the resulting time savings per workpiece amounted to 15 minutes.

The customer is satisfied by the deburr quality and the achieved time savings. The tool fulfilled their expectations to the full extent.

Interested in a COFA deburring tool? Visit the COFA product page for more info. 

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