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COFA: Precision Deburring

Swiss Precision Since 1961


COFA: The Universal Deburring Tool for Diverse Industries


The COFA tool stands out as a premier solution for deburring drilled through-holes on both even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle. This tool is designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-volume production in multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, precision machining, heavy equipment, and medical manufacturing.


Key Features and Benefits:


Universal Application: Perfect for both manual and CNC-based operations, ensuring adaptability across a variety of manufacturing settings.


Efficient and Reliable: Allows for continuous spindle operation without the need to stop or turn the workpiece, significantly enhancing production efficiency.


Versatile Deburring: Excellently suited for complex deburring tasks such as cross-hole and sloped bores, as well as simultaneous internal and external edge processing.


Precision and Consistency: Delivers uniform edge breaks on all processed parts, essential for adhering to strict quality standards across diverse industries.


Material Compatibility: Appropriate for a wide range of materials, making it a versatile tool in different production environments.


Micro-Deburring Capability: Also available in smaller sizes to cater to micro-deburring needs, particularly important in medical device manufacturing.


Enhanced Durability: Features coated carbide blades that extend tool life and facilitate faster operations, thus optimizing production costs.


Ready Stock Availability: Comes in sizes ranging from 5mm to 12mm for immediate delivery, ensuring quick integration into production lines.


Customization Options: Custom design solutions are available to meet specific application requirements, enhancing its utility.


Broad Industry Applications:

  • Aerospace and Automotive: Ensures high precision and quality in component manufacturing, crucial for safety and performance.
  • Energy: Facilitates maintenance and manufacturing of components in power generation and renewable energy sectors.
  • Precision Machining: Ideal for the exacting standards required in the production of intricate parts and components.
  • Heavy Equipment/Large Parts: Provides robust performance in the manufacturing and maintenance of large-scale machinery.
  • Medical/Small Parts: Delivers precision deburring crucial for the high-quality standards required in medical device manufacturing.


Leverage the COFA tool's industry-leading capabilities to enhance your production efficiency and quality across various sectors. Contact us for immediate delivery options or to discuss tailored solutions for your specific manufacturing challenges.


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Understanding the Mechanism of Heule's COFA: Advanced Deburring Technology


How the COFA Tool Enhances Precision Deburring

Heule's COFA tool revolutionizes the deburring process with its innovative design and efficient performance. Controlled by a precisely calibrated spring, the COFA's carbide cutting blade seamlessly follows the contour of any hole's surface. This unique feature allows it to remove burrs effectively while ensuring an even and tapered corner break, crucial for high-quality machining operations.


Key Operational Features:

  • Contour Following Blade: The spring-controlled blade adjusts to the surface of the hole, ensuring that burrs are removed without altering the integrity of the hole itself. This capability is vital for maintaining the dimensional accuracy of the part.
  • Non-Cutting Passage: As the blade passes through the bore, it does not engage in cutting, which prevents any damage to the hole’s surface. This feature is essential for preserving the finish and structural integrity of the material.
  • Selective Edge Breaking: The deburring action begins only when the blade makes contact with the material at the edge of the hole. This selective contact ensures that the edge break is consistent and controlled, enhancing the precision of the final product.
  • Efficiency in Feed Rates: The COFA tool optimally slows down as it enters the through-hole, allowing for faster overall feed rates without compromising the quality of the deburring process.


Advantages of Using Heule’s COFA in Manufacturing

Using Heule's COFA tool streamlines the manufacturing process by reducing cycle times and enhancing the quality of the machined parts. Its ability to perform efficiently under various conditions makes it an invaluable asset in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical device manufacturing. The COFA tool's precision and reliability in deburring also translate to significant cost savings by minimizing the need for secondary finishing processes.


Optimize Your Machining Process with Heule's COFA Tool

Discover how integrating Heule's COFA tool into your production line can elevate the quality of your machining operations while reducing operational costs. For more information on how this advanced deburring technology can benefit your specific manufacturing needs, contact our technical team.


Cofa deburring tools catalog

How Do I Order COFA?


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1. Choose the tool that best fits the hole diameter. You can use our Tool Selector for assistance.

2. Choose the blade that best fits the hole geometry.

3. Choose the spring that best fits the material.


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COFA Case Study


Eliminating Manual Deburring of a Steering Column Component


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"Our production is up and tool cost is down.  The COFA tool made a big difference on this part."

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