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Swiss Precision Since 1961

From Humble Beginnings to Global Expansion

In the late 1950's, Heinrich Heule realized the need for quality deburring and chamfering tools in the manufacturing industry. Indexing parts or deburring by hand was wasting time and reducing productivity.


On June 22, 1961, Heinrich manufactured the first HEULE tools for a regional firm, from the cellar of a house situated in Rheineck, Switzerland, an ancient market town in the Rhine Valley. With that success, Heinrich founded HEULE Werkzeug AG.


Shortly after, German Automotive Manufacturers who saw benefit in HEULE's ingenious tooling requested the developmment of a standard series of deburring tools. "The day on which I signed the first contract for my tool was the most wonderful day in my whole professional life," says Heinrich, who is still today the owner of the company.


After serving the European community for 25 years, an office in the United States was opened in 1988 to serve the growing industries in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The company has continued to grow, now with additional offices located in China and South Korea. 


 "The day on which I signed the first contract for my tool was the most wonderful day in my whole professional life."

- Heinrich Heule

Gary Brown and Swiss Representatives

HEULE expanded into the North American market in 1988. Gary Brown, North American President, is pictured here (second from left) along with Swiss representatives from HEULE Werkzeug AG (from right): Ulf Heule, Rita Heule, and Christoph Keel, on their 2017 visit to the new building in Loveland, OH. 

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