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Swiss Precision Since 1961 

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HEULE Tool Corporation

Serving North America Since 1988

A Subsidiary of HEULE Werkzeug Ag in Switzerland, HEULE Tool Corporation supports 31 independent sales agents, 264 distributors, and over 600 customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. HTC was established in 1988 in West Plymouth, MI and moved to the Cincinnati, OH area in 1993, where we have continued to grow the HEULE reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality Swiss cutting tools for high-volume manufacturers. 

Contact Information:

Gary Brown, President

513-860-9900 ext. 212

Bill Hargrove, National Sales Manager

513-860-9900 ext. 214

Matt Baumet, Technical Sales Engineer

513-860-9900 ext. 218

Randy Murphy, Technical Sales Engineer

513-860-9900 ext. 220

Joe Barnett, Technical Sales Engineer


Doug Cook, Inside Sales and Operations Manager

513-860-9900 ext. 211

Joe Stokes, Operations Services

513-860-9900 ext.213

Brett Ball, IT & Digital Marketing Manager

513-860-9900 ext. 219

Mark James, Finance and Accounting

513-860-9900 ext. 217

Andrew Cook, Warehouse Manager

513-860-9900 ext. 210

John Monahan, Warehouse Assistant

513-860-9900 ext. 222

Josh Marshall, Warehouse Assistant