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A Better Quality Knee Replacement with Automated Deburring

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A Better Quality Knee Replacement with Automated Deburring

Nov 29, 2017
Knee replacement


An artificial joint manufacturer in the medical technology field was not happy with the existing manual deburring solution of a crossbore in a knee replacement part and the quality of the parts being produced. As demand for the product increased and the manufacturer was faced with an increasing number of bores to be deburred, the quality of the product began to decrease. 

Drawing of knee replacement

Application Details

  • Bore diameter: Ø6.0 mm in main bore Ø14.0 mm
  • Material: CoCrMo
  • Machine: Haas
  • Machining: horizontally
Drawing of holes to bore in knee replacement


The COFA 5M tool for bore diameter Ø6.0 mm was selected for this task.

Machining parameters:

Speed: 500 rev/min.
Feed: 30 mm/min.


By fully eliminating the manual operation, this manufacturer saw remarkable costs savings. Along with cutting costs, the part can be removed from the machine and is ready to go without the need for more manual labor to deburr the part.

Machine Operator: "The quality and process capability have been increased enormously."

Person responsible for the buying decision: "The specified tool life of 20 work pieces per blade could be exceeded significantly with over 60 work pieces. The tool, respectively the solution, is much more efficient than expected because of the difficult to machine material and the high burr formation."

Interested in a COFA deburring tool? Visit the COFA product page for more info. 

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