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Saving 34% Cycle Time on a Sprocket Wheel

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Saving 34% Cycle Time on a Sprocket Wheel

Jan 11, 2018
sprocket wheel


A subcontracting company to the automotive and the fittings industry produces a range of components such as flanges, sprockets and drive shafts and was looking for a solution to reduce cycle time for drilling, deburring, and chamfering a sprocket wheel. 

Previously, the customer used a full carbide drill for the hole and a front and back deburring tool for removal of the burrs. The cycle time for all 12 bores amounted to 320 seconds. Since the deburring tool failed to produce a consistent chamfer, the sprockets had to be reworked manually outside of the machine.

Application details

  • Bore diameter: Ø16 mm
  • Bore depth: 12 mm
  • Chamfer: 0.5 x 45°
  • Material: Cast Steel, 500 N/mm2
vex-p Heule drilling and chamfering tool


The customer decided to use a standard VEX-P drill-chamfering combi tool from HEULE. This tool allows to machine the complete hole in one setting and without any tool change.

VEX-P Tool Ø16.0 1xd
VEX-P Insert Ø16.0 1H
SNAP12 Blade Ø17.0 TiN

Machining parameters:

  • Cutting data:
    Speed: 1500 rev/min
    Feed: 0.2 mm/rev
  • Life time:
    Drill insert: 100 m
    Blade: 8'000 up to 10'000 Bores
close-up of sprocket wheel


By using the VEX-P tool, the customer reduced the production time by 34 % to now 210 seconds. The customer is very satisfied about the reduction of the cycle time and the improvement of the process stability. He really likes the simple the handling of the HEULE tool and the very easy blade change of the SNAP system.

Interested in the VEX-P combination drilling tool? Visit the VEX-P product page for more info. 

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