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Automating Cross Hole Deburring on a Hydraulic Component

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Automating Cross Hole Deburring on a Hydraulic Component

Nov 29, 2017
hydraulic fitting with cross bores


A manufacturer of hydraulic components and fittings was looking for a more efficient and safer deburring solution for the cross hole of a ball valve. The goal was to automate the process and eliminate the tedious and time-consuming work of removing the burrs of the bore edge by hand with a brush.

cross hole deburring hydraulic part diagram

Application Details

  • Cross bore / lateral bore: Ø10.4 mm
  • Main bore: Ø10.4 mm
  • Material: SS316
  • Machine: DOOSAN CNC Center
cross hole deburring hydraulic part with a cofa-x tool


The deburring of crossbores with bore-Ø-ratio of 1:1 represented a particular challenge for HEULE. The solutions that were available so far could not cope with the extreme sloping of a 1:1 bore and a completely new approach was needed. HEULE found the answer to the problem by making use of new machine capabilities and by developing a special version of the COFA tool (the new COFA-X). 

Machining parameters:

  • Speed: 10 m/min
  • Feed: 0.06 mm/U
  • Coolant: external coolant


The fact that the deburring could be carried out in an automated process together with a considerable improvement in reliability resulted in significant savings and product quality. After the initial pilot project, the manufacturer was able to continue with high volume production of more similar T pieces.

Interested in the COFA-X for cross hole deburring? Visit the COFA-X product page for more info. 

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