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COFA-X: 1:1 Cross Hole Deburring

Swiss Precision Since 1961


The Solution for Complex Cross Bores on Extreme Uneven Surfaces


Driven by customer demand for more efficient solutions to complex cross bore applications, HEULE developed a new tool to help high-volume manufacturers produce better parts faster and keep up with their production demands. The COFA-X tool allows machine operators to eliminate tedious manual deburring of hard-to-reach cross bores and focus more attention on production. 


COFA-X cross hole deburring tool



The 1:1 Ratio Cross Hole Deburring Tool


  • The first and only tooling system for removing burrs consistently from interior uneven bore edges with large intersections, completely eliminating secondary burrs
  • Designed for cross holes with an identical or nearly identical diameter crossing each other; bores which merge into one another; and crossing bores with offset centers.
  • Effective on fittings, hydraulic manifolds, and other components with 1:1 ratio of holes.
  • Carbide blade gives a complete edge break that is completely burr-free
  • Reduces costs and improves cycle time for operations that were previously only possible by hand deburring
  • Pre-assembled with spring-loaded blade geometry for either front or back cutting 


Customized tooling available for a range of hole sizes starting at 4 mm

COFA-X Brochure Cover

How Do I Order COFA-X?


View COFA-X Brochure


COFA-X Tools are fully customized and built for your specific application.


Please see the COFA-X brochure for more ordering information and Contact Your Local Agent for assistance.


COFA-X Case Study

COFA-X Case Study


Automating Cross Hole Deburring on a Hydraulic Component


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