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Saving Cycle Time While Drilling and Deburring Aluminum

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Saving Cycle Time While Drilling and Deburring Aluminum

Sep 26, 2017
aluminum deburring, aluminum shavings, drill and deburr tool


Drilling holes in aluminum produces long chips that wrap around the tool, making it necessary to debur the holes in a separate operation. This manufacturer in the aerospace industry was looking for a solution to reduce cycle time.

Application Details

  • Bore: Ø11.0 mm
  • Bore Depth: Ø2.0 mm
  • Material: Aluminum


To effectively perform this application and cut cycle time, we chose the VEX-S tool for the drilling operation, with internal coolant and bore depth 1xd, along with the SNAP tool for the deburring operation. Both tools were coated with DLC for use in aluminum. 


Machining Parameters:

Speed: 5000rev/min

Feed: 0.1 mm/rev

Cooling: internal cooling


With the VEX-S and the correct cutting data, it became possible to machine thin aluminum profiles without the risk that the shavings interfered and stalled the process. The customer was very happy with a shortened cycle time while producing a higher quality part.

Interested in the VEX-S combination drilling tool? Visit the VEX-S product page for more info. 

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