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A More Efficient and Cost-saving Back Counterbore Tool for Motorcycle Parts

Posted on: March 22, 2018
Tags: Automotive, Steel, SOLO, Back Counterboring
Motorcycle fork

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A high-volume motorcycle manufacturer that was producing 480 lower fork arm brackets per day was seeking an efficient back counterbore tool.  Their current tool was having issues with tool breakage and required machine down time for insert changes. 

Application details

  • Bore-Ø: 24.85 mm hole with Ø41.08mm back
    counterbore up to 5mm deep (Interrupted cut due to casting variance)
  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Machine: HMC
HEULE back spotface tool back counterbore tool


HEULE proposd the SOLO S2 tool. Quick blade changes and no need to deburr after the SOLO tool were major advantages over the previous tool. Also, using an indexable ISO standard insert helped with the cost savings. 

Machining parameters:

  • Speed: 700 RPM
  • Feed: 0.15 mm/rev 


By going with the HEULE SOLO back counterbore tool, the distributor in
this account was able to document (and have approved by management) a $13,249.55 per
machine yearly cost savings. With 5 machines, this equaled $66,247.75 annual cost
savings on top of 181.33 hours per year of time savings.


Interested in a SOLO back counterboring tool? Visit the SOLO product page for more info. 

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