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Inconel Exhaust flange

In aerospace manufacturing, a precision-driven company sought efficiency improvements, grappling with a manual counterbore tool's limitations. The challenge centered on a VMC machine, Inconel 718 mate...

Reducing Production Costs for Machining Inconel Gear Housings with Heule's BSF back spotfacing tool

A precision aerospace manufacturer faced intricate challenges using a competitor's back spotfacing tool during a gear housing project. Complications such as tool breakage and poor insert longevity aro...

aircraft solution counterbores

An aerospace manufacturer was machining 30 back spot facings in a component made of Inconel 718 for some years. To do this, the part needed to be set up several times because of the poor accessability...

deburring Inconel

A major manufacturer of jet engine and aircraft components wanted to replace the manual hand benching to deburr an Inconel part. Their goal was to automate that process to save both labor and time. 

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