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Deburring Bores on Hard-to-Reach Irregular Surfaces

Posted on: February 12, 2018
Tags: COFA, Automotive, Steel
cross bore with irregular surface

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This manufacturer machines V-8 crankshafts that consist of a main bore that breaks out into seven different surfaces, some which are angled/irregular cast surfaces. They needed a tool solution that was able to reach all of the large exit burrs on the part.

HEULE Cofa tool deburring a crankshaft

Application details:

•Machine: Custom, no coolant
•Material: steel

Cofa deburring a crankshaft


The solution from HEULE is a special C12 COFA with a 20° “M” blade and “S” spring.

Machining parameters:

Feed: 1.25 mm/s

Speed” 280 RPM


The COFA tool has a cutting blade which is able to pivot and successfully deburr all of the flat and angled/irregular surfaces by entering through the main bore to reach the seven different bores. The customer is pleased with the automated solution and the tool performance.