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Eliminating Manual Deburring and Improving Part Quality

Posted on: January 15, 2019
Tags: COFA, Steel, Energy, Deburring, Cross Hole Deburring
automated deburring result

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This manufacturer in the energy industry had to resort to time-consuming manual deburring when a competitor’s tool failed to do the job. Deburring the part outside the machine took approximately 9 minutes. This is a substantial amount of time and labor since they were producing more than 1000 parts per month.

Application Details: 

Bore size: 1”
Material: 316 Stainless
Machine: Mazak Integrex I-300ST hydraulic capto holder

COFA deburring tool


HEULE’s COFA tool consistently and efficiently deburrs even and uneven bore edges front and back in one single pass without the need to turn the work piece.
Tool: COFA12-25.0-Z
Blade: GH-C-M-007

Machining parameters:
Machining speed: 66 SFM
Working feed: .008 IPR

COFA deburring tool result


The manufacturer was able to cut the production time from 9 minutes to 20 seconds per hole, while eliminiating manual deburring. Without the need to deburr by hand, the operator was able to focus on production and quality. According to the customer, “The part looks much better. Great tool!”

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