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Replacing Time-Consuming Manual Deburring on a Brass Bushing

Posted on: September 11, 2017
Tags: COFA, Precision Machining, Brass, Deburring, Cross Hole Deburring

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A mechanical engineering company was deburring the bores in this bushing manually. What made the deburring difficult was the fact that the bores were located in the lubrication groove. The task was to deburr the outer and the inner bore edge of these cross bores automatically.


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Application Details:

  • Outer diameter: Ø144.0 mm
  • Inner diameter: Ø130.0 mm
  • Crossbore diameter: Ø6.0 mm
  • Material: Brass
deburring solution, deburring brass, brass bushing deburring


Tool: COFA6/6.0/H
Blade: GH-C-M-0002

The difficulty to deburr the bores thouroughly lies in interior of the bushing. These grooves put high demands on the blade. This is why low cutting values have to be applied. The blade has to be given enough time to follow the bore edge.


Machining parameters:
Working speed: 500 rev./min.
Working feed: 0.1 mm/rev.
Coolant: external coolant


Time-consuming manual deburring was replaced with the HEULE COFA tool for time-saving results.


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