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Heavy Equipment/Large Parts

Swiss Precision Since 1961

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Heavy Equipment & Large Parts Manufacturing


In the world of heavy equipment manufacturing, precision and efficiency in automation aren't just advantageous—they're crucial. Each small detail in your manufacturing process can cumulatively impact both the cost-effectiveness and the quality of your final products.


At HEULE, we design our tools with input from seasoned manufacturing engineers to seamlessly combine operations, enhance process efficiency, and deliver superior quality parts.


Our commitment is clear: we transform minor adjustments into major gains for your production line.


Explore Our Heavy Equipment Success Stories:

Discover how our tools have revolutionized production for industry leaders.


Featured Precision Cutting Tools for Heavy Equipment Manufacturing


  • COFA: Master universal deburring for smooth, flawless finishes.
  • SNAP: Achieve precise, clean chamfering in demanding operations.
  • SOLO: Experience robust, automatic front and back boring that's designed for power and precision.
  • COMBI: Opt for the efficiency of combined drilling and chamfering, tailored for high-stakes manufacturing.


Leverage HEULE's expertise in precision tooling to refine your manufacturing processes. Our tools are engineered to improve throughput and quality, driving advancements in the heavy equipment and large parts industries.


Ready to optimize your production line? Contact us today to discuss how our solutions can meet your specific needs. Let us help you achieve unparalleled efficiency and quality in your manufacturing operations.

"We've had the tool in production with no problems. Our scrap rate went from approximately 400 pieces/month (due to chamfer issues) to less than one."

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