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Heavy Equipment/Large Parts

Swiss Precision Since 1961

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Heavy Equipment & Large Parts Manufacturing

The smallest details in automation equal a big difference over time. For large projects, your bottom line as well as the quality of your end product can be deeply affected by how effective your manufacturing process is. HEULE tools have been created with manufacturing engineers to combine operations, optimize processes, and produce higher quality parts. Our goal is to make the small details equal big differences. 

Heavy Equipment Case Studies

Some of Heule's most popular precision cutting tools in the heavy equipment and large parts industries include:

  • COFA - Universal Deburring
  • SNAP - Precision Chamfering
  • SOLO - Powerful Automatic Front & Back Boring
  • COMBI - Combination Drilling & Chamfering

"We've had the tool in production with no problems. Our scrap rate went from approximately 400 pieces/month (due to chamfer issues) to less than one."

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