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Powerful Automatic Front and Back Spotfacing/Counterboring

  • The strongest and most efficient automatic front and back spotfacing/counterboring tool on the market
  • Excellent ratio of price and performance
  • No anti-rotation or stop block are required
  • Suitable for all CNC, transfer, dial, and multi-spindle machines
  • Completely closed head prevents coolant contamination
  • Pin-driven cutting blade prevents chips from jamming the system
  • Easy handling, Quick-change blade (insert) system with modular set-up.  


Each Solo Tool is designed and built to your specifications and manufactured for superior strength and quality. SOLO Tooling System is completely customizable to create multiple features in one tool including indexable countersinks, form countersinks, and more.  


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SOLO back counterbore boring tool

How Does It Work?

There are two different models of the SOLO tool, the SOLO 1900 and the SOLO 2. Each tool is capable of reaching counterbore sizes two times the bore diameter minus 1mm. Possible applications up to 30mm through hole. (Max ratio = Ødx2 - 1mm).


The SOLO 1900 uses two centrifugal weights installed in a sealed tool head. With an activation speed rate of 1900 rpm, the weights start moving outwards and turn the gearwheel. The gearwheel drives the blade out by rotating the blade control. When the spindle is stopped, a pull back spring pushes the centrifugal weights back to the center and retracts the blades.


The SOLO 2 uses similar parts, but works in the opposite way. With an activation speed rate of 2000 rpm or higher, the blades retract when the centrifugal weights move. When the spindle rotation is below 1500 RPM, the weights are pushed back to the center and the blade is fixed in the cutting position. (Optional: SOLO S2, a larger SOLO head may be used for bores larger than approximately 22mm, contact us.)


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SOLO Spotfacing/Counterboring Tool catalog

How Do I Order SOLO?


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Each SOLO tool consists of two components:


1. Standard tool head with integral shank - This tool head is of standard design and is the base element for all applications with bore diameters 8 to 30mm.


2. Custom Components - Housing pilots, control mechanism and cutting blades are optimized per the desired back bore application and are customized to suit the needs of our customers.


Simply submit the SOLO Application Data Sheet with your application information for our engineering team to review. With each order, approval prints will be supplied to the end user within one week of order.

SOLO Case Study

SOLO Case Study


Reducing Labor Applying Spotfaces to a Nickel Chain Wheel Drum


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"By going with the HEULE SOLO Back counterbore tool, our end user documented a $13,249.55 per machine yearly cost savings. With 5 machines, this equals $66,247.75 annual cost savings, which is on top of the 181.33 hours per year of time savings." 

Need help selecting a tool? Visit our online Tool Selector and go to the Locate Agent page on our website to find your local technical sales representative. For more assistance, contact us at or 513-860-9900 and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.  

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