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Precision Machining

Swiss Precision Since 1961

Precision machining parts from a CNC machine

Precision Machining Cutting Tools by Heule


Achieve faster cycle times, reduce scrap, and deliver superior-quality components with Heule's cutting tools. Our Application Engineers collaborate closely with you to identify and implement the perfect tools that address your most pressing production challenges.


By automating your operations with Heule's advanced solutions, you can meet your production objectives, slash operational costs, and surpass your customers' expectations.


Explore Popular Precision Machining Tools for the Energy Industry:


  • BSF (Back Spotfacing Tool): Engineered for large ratio spotfacing, the BSF tool is ideal for creating precise, large diameter counterbores without needing to turn the workpiece. Its robust design and efficiency make it a preferred choice in the energy sector.
  • COFA (Universal Deburring Tool): This versatile tool effortlessly deburrs both the front and back of through holes across a range of materials. The COFA tool simplifies operations and ensures smooth, clean finishes, enhancing the quality of your parts.
  • VEX-S (Combination Drilling and Chamfering): Perfect for holes ranging from 5mm to 12mm, the VEX-S combines drilling and chamfering in a single operation, streamlining the machining process and boosting productivity.
  • VEX-P (Combination Drilling and Chamfering): Designed for larger holes (11mm to 17mm), the VEX-P tool offers the same efficiency and precision, facilitating faster, cost-effective production runs in demanding environments.


Leverage Heule's expertise in precision machining to optimize your production line. Our tools are meticulously engineered to meet the high standards of the energy industry, ensuring reliability and excellence. Contact our Application Engineers today to enhance your manufacturing processes and achieve unparalleled results.


Precision Machining Case Studies

"The BSF has automated a process for me which was very labor-intensive. It has freed up operator time because I know when I get past a certain feature, it is lights out machining."

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