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Precision Machining

Swiss Precision Since 1961

Precision machining parts from a CNC machine

Cutting Tools for Precision Machining

Reduced cycle times? Fewer scrapped parts? Higher quality parts to deliver to your customers? Our Application Engineers can work with you to find the tools to solve your biggest production challenges and automate your operations so you can meet production goals, reduce costs, and exceed your customers' expectations.

Precision Machining Case Studies

Some of Heule's most popular precision cutting tools in the energy industry include:

  • BSF - Large Ratio Spotfacing
  • COFA - Universal Deburring
  • VEX-S - Combination Drilling & Chamfering (5mm to 12mm)
  • VEX-P - Combination Drilling & Chamfering (11mm to 17mm)

"It [HEULE BSF tool] has automated a process for me which was very labor-intensive. It has freed up operator time because I know when I get past a certain feature, it is lights out machining."

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