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Swiss Precision Since 1961

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Cutting Tools for Automotive Manufacturing

Our customers in automotive manufacturing tell us over and over: our tools save time, cut costs, and result in higher quality parts. Our Application Engineers are behind you from Day 1 to get things rolling and ensure success in your operation. 

Automotive Case Studies

Some of Heule's most popular precision cutting tools in the automotive industry include:

  • COFA - Universal Deburring
  • SNAP - Precision Chamfering
  • VEX-S - Combination Drilling & Chamfering (5mm to 12mm)
  • VEX-P - Combination Drilling & Chamfering (11mm to 17mm)
  • BSF - Large Ratio Spotfacing
  • SOLO - Powerful Automatic Front & Back Boring

"We saved over $60,000 just by eliminating a second machining operation."

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