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SNAP: Precision Chamfering

Swiss Precision Since 1961


Precision Chamfering & Deburring with SNAP


Innovate for Success with SNAP: The Ultimate Chamfering Tool


We understand that efficiency drives productivity. That's why we offer the SNAP tool—a state-of-the-art chamfering solution designed to optimize your production line. SNAP combines ease of use with fast, carbide-coated blade changes, making it a key asset in diverse manufacturing environments. Here’s how SNAP can transform your operations:


Efficient and Versatile: SNAP operates without the need to rotate the workpiece or stop the spindle, streamlining the deburring and chamfering process. Its solid body design ensures unmatched durability, making it ideal for automatic use in high-production settings.


Blade Excellence: Equipped with specially coated carbide blades, SNAP offers long-lasting performance and swift operations. The blades feature a patented geometry developed by Heule to deliver premium chamfers and eliminate secondary burrs, ensuring high-quality finishes with every use.


User-Friendly: Designed with simplicity in mind, SNAP allows for easy blade changes, boosting production efficiency without the hassle of reversing the spindle, dwelling, or indexing the part.


Ready for Action: Available in-stock sizes range from 2mm to 25mm (.079"-.984"), with a cassette option for larger hole sizes, ensuring you have the right tool on-hand for any job.


Industries Served: SNAP is a preferred choice in various sectors, including Automotive, Energy, Heavy Equipment/Large Parts, and Medical/Small Parts, where precision and reliability are paramount.


Your Partner in Productivity

Choose SNAP for a tool that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern manufacturing. With SNAP's advanced features and robust construction, you can count on superior performance and exceptional results. Invest in SNAP to ensure your success in today’s competitive market.


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How the SNAP Tool Enhances Efficiency: A Closer Look at Its Operation


Effortless Operation, Exceptional Results


Understanding the mechanics behind the SNAP tool illustrates why it’s an essential addition to any high-volume manufacturing environment. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of its efficient operation:


  1. Precision Entry: As the rotating tool is introduced into the hole, the front cutting edge engages first, meticulously deburring the top by crafting a precise 45° chamfer. This initial action ensures a smooth surface, preparing the hole for further processing.
  2. Blade Retraction Mechanism: As the tool progresses deeper into the part, the blade is strategically retracted into the body by sliding within a specialized blade window. This innovative mechanism protects the hole’s integrity, ensuring that only the ground sliding surface contacts the hole, thus preventing any potential damage.
  3. Continuous Operation: The beauty of the SNAP tool lies in its continuous operation capability. There's no need to halt or reverse the spindle, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and increased productivity.
  4. Automatic Blade Deployment: When the blade reaches the back of the part, a coiled spring coupled with a control bolt dynamically pushes the blade back into its cutting position. This action deburrs and chamfers the back edge as the tool is retracted, completing the process with high precision.
  5. Rapid Tool Transition: Once the blade reenters the hole, the tool can be swiftly moved out and positioned for the next operation. This rapid transition is key for maintaining operational momentum and reducing cycle times.


Streamline Your Production with SNAP

The SNAP tool's design not only enhances the quality of your parts but also significantly boosts your production efficiency. By minimizing manual adjustments and maximizing operational flow, SNAP becomes an indispensable part of your manufacturing toolkit.


SNAP chamfering tools catalog cover

How Do I Order a SNAP?


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1. Use the bore size to select a tool body. Ød
2. Select the largest tool that fits the bore. Use our Tool Selector for assistance.
3. Use the desired chamfer size to select a blade. ØD
4. Select the proper cutting blade. 


Please note: tools are sold without blades.


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SNAP Case Study


Simplifying Chamfering Process With The Automated SNAP Tool


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"We got the consistency we needed to keep our production going AND saw a $45,000/yr savings in time and labor."

Need help selecting a tool? Visit our online Tool Selector and go to the Locate Agent page on our website to find your local technical sales representative. For more assistance, contact us at or 513-860-9900 and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.  

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