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New COFA-X Cross Bore Deburring Tool Featured in Swiss Quality Production


Deburring cross bores on crank cases proved to be a problem. An innovation from HEULE provided a solution. 

 You will struggle to find a machinist who enjoys deburring. It is often seen as a stubborn problem compared to other parts of the processes that work well. A German car manufacturer found itself in this position when it came to producing a crankcase. The production process itself was fine. But when it came to deburring the cross bores, there were issues. The process was too complex and not reliable enough. The problem proved to be fertile ground for innovation from HEULE, a specialist producer of deburring tools from Switzerland. Read more...

Part deburred with HEULE COFA


Eliminating Manual Deburring and Improving Part Quality with Automated Tools


A manufacturer in the energy industry had to resort to time-consuming manual deburring when a competitor’s tool failed to do the job. Deburring the part outside the machine took approximately 9 minutes for over 1000 parts per month.  HEULE's COFA tool was the solution that cut production time and eliminated the need to manually deburr. Read more...





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