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Cutting Tools for Aerospace Manufacturing

The smallest details in automation equal a big difference over time. For large scale aerospace projects, your bottom line as well as the quality of your end product can be deeply affected by how effective your manufacturing process is. HEULE tools have been created with manufacturing engineers to combine operations, optimize processes, and produce higher quality parts. Our goal is to make the small details equal big differences. 

Aerospace Case Studies

"The BSF tool performed so well that I have now cut out the other five axis roughing, saving us three operations in total and 15 minutes in cycle time."

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aerspace manufacturing, aviation, aerospace engineering, aircraft components, chamfering tool


The Adjustable Chamfering Tool

  • Chamfering thickness can be infinitely adjusted directly on the tool, depending on the bore dimension 
  • Front and back or only back chamfering of bores in hard-to-machine or highly burr-forming materials 
  • Ideal for Inconel and other exotic materials
  • Dual cutting system for machining bores with longitudinal grooves, cross-bores and open bores with discontinuous cut
  • Exchangeable carbide blade with material-specific coating 
  • No injury to the bore surface or of the thread during penetration
  • Frequently used for aerospace applications

Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes

from 4 mm-36.2 mm (.157"-1.425")

for front and back cutting or back cutting only geometry 

DEFA Aerospace Case Study

aerospace engineering, aerospace manufacturing, deburring tool


The Universal Deburring Tool

  • Specifically designed for front and back deburring on even and uneven bore edges
  • Perfect for a range of crossbore deburring applications
  • ID/OD deburring
  • No stopping or reversing the spindle
  • Even and consistent edge break
  • Suitable for all ranges of machine materials
  • Coated carbide blades guarantee a long tool life and faster feeds and speeds
  • Typical applications include forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores, and other work pieces with cross bores in main bores 

Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes

from 2 mm to 41 mm (0.090" to 1.614")

Cassette option available for larger hole sizes 

COFA Aerospace Case Study

back spotfacing, aerospace applications


The Large Ratio Spotfacing Solution

  • Counterbores up to 2.3xd
  • Replaceable carbide coated blades for extended tool life
  • Suitable for CNC machines with through coolant
  • It works without an anti-rotation device, change of turning direction or any machine adaptations
  • The simple swing mechanism combined with the internal coolant pressure system gives optimal cutting performance resulting in consistent spotfaces and fewer scrapped parts 
  • All tool components and blades are simple to replace 
  • The tool works both vertically and horizontally

Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes

from 6.5 mm to 20.5 mm (0.256" to 0.807")

back counterboring, spotfacing tool


Powerful Automatic Front and Back Boring

  • The strongest and most efficient automatic front and back spotfacing/counterboring tool on the market
  • Excellent ratio of price and performance
  • No anti-rotation or stop block are required
  • Suitable for all CNC, transfer, dial, and multi-spindle machines
  • Completely closed head prevents coolant contamination
  • Pin-driven cutting blade prevents chips from jamming the system
  • Easy handling, Quick-change blade (insert) system with modular set-up

Each Solo Tool is designed and built to your specifications and manufactured for superior strength and quality. SOLO Tooling System is completely customizable to create multiple features in one tool including indexable countersinks, form countersinks, and more. 

HEULE COMP tool Combination countersinking and drilling tool


Combination Countersinking and Drilling Tool

  • Allows multiple drilling and countersinking operations on uneven surfaces
  • No marking of the part by the non-rotational contact foot
  • Eliminates the inconsistency of manual countersinking
  • Saves cycle time
  • Uses a threaded quick-change drill and/or countersink system
  • Produces countersinks in aluminum, titanium, and composite for critical aircraft components
  • Common parts include seat rails, floor boards and other structural components, aluminum wheels, and high-value aluminum casting 

Each COMP Tool is designed to the customer's specification using common components for easy integration