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COMP Tool: Advanced Drilling and Countersinking System

This innovative combination tool is specifically engineered to perform multiple drilling and countersinking operations on uneven surfaces with precision. The COMP Tool enhances productivity by eliminating the inconsistency associated with manual countersinking and saves significant cycle time.


Key Features:


  • Non-Marking Contact: Features a unique non-rotational contact foot that prevents any marking on parts during operation.
  • Threaded Quick-Change System: Utilizes a highly efficient threaded system for quick changes between drill and countersink operations, streamlining the workflow.
  • Versatile Material Compatibility: Expertly produces clean, precise countersinks in a variety of materials including aluminum, titanium, and composites, making it ideal for critical aircraft components like seat rails, floor boards, structural components, aluminum wheels, and high-value aluminum castings.
  • Customizable Design: Each COMP Tool is tailored to customer specifications, leveraging common components to ensure easy integration into existing systems.


This tool is a must-have for industries requiring high precision in aerospace component manufacturing and other applications where flawless execution and efficiency are paramount.


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"We've had the tool in production with no problems. Our scrap rate went from approximately 400 pieces/month to less than one." 

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