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HEULE CBD tool for cross hole deburring of oil bores


Cross Hole Deburring for Oil Bores

  • Deburrs intersecting bores with minimal ratio of the main bore to the cross bore and flat penetration angle
  • Automated deburring for a 1:1 intersection by a chip making machining process
  • Ensures a complete edge break that is burr-free with a complete removal of the burr including its root
  • Speeds and feeds are configured to each individual application within the control unit
  • Carbide blades are easily replaceable quickly by hand

Customized tooling available for oil bores from 4 mm to 10 mm 

ZF Excellence Award

Winner of the ZF EXCELLENCE AWARD for Innovation in Cross Hole Deburring


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How Do I Order a CBD Tool? 

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CBD Tools are fully customized and built for your specific application. Please see the CBD brochure for more ordering information and Contact Your Local Agent for assistance. 

How Does It Work?

When entering the cross bore the blade slides over the retract surface and moves into the tool body preloading the spring at the same time. When moving through the bore, the slide radius prevents the bore surface from being damaged. The tool overtravels the bore edge to be deburred and the blade is pushed back by the preloaded spring into its initial position.

During the reverse stroke the cutting edge of the blade removes a segment of the bore edge with the burr. The control surface is responsible that the blade slides back into the tool body. The tool body will then rotate by a defined angle (around its rotation axis) and the process will be repeated. This procedure continues until the complete circumference of the bore is free of burrs.