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Case Studies

Case Studies

Knoepfel Wheel Bearing Case Study Featuring COFA-X Crosshole Deburring Tool

Knoepfel AG, a leading manufacturer in high-precision mechanical components, faced a significant challenge in producing wheel bearings made of high-tensile steel with intersecting cross bo...

Camshaft Follower Application Using COFA Deburring Tool

Faced with the challenge of transitioning from manual deburring to an in-machine process to keep up with production demands, a customer in Ohio sought a solution. HEULE recommended the COFA12-599-S de...

COFA Deburring Tool Solution for Stainless Steel Tubing (Energy Sector)

A Tennessee-based customer sought efficient deburring for stainless steel tubing in a high-voltage bracket using a Haas VG4 VMC machine. Heule's recommendation of the COFA12-504-Z tool and GH-C-M-0007...

Enhancing Energy A Valve Seat Application With Heule's COFA deburring tool

A customer in South Carolina faced challenges with the deburring process for holes in 316 Stainless Steel parts on an OKUMA HMC machine. Hand deburring resulted in extended cycle times and continuous ...

Inconel Exhaust flange

In aerospace manufacturing, a precision-driven company sought efficiency improvements, grappling with a manual counterbore tool's limitations. The challenge centered on a VMC machine, Inconel 718 mate...

application drawing for deburring

A manufacturer of agricultural equipment wanted to replace manual deburring. They were running all of their machines unattended with one operator, so they wanted to move deburring to the machine and f...

machining wheel hubs

A manufacturer producing around 200,000 wheel hubs for trucks each year was looking for a solution to chamfer the front and back of the through holes in one set-up. 

COFA deburring tool result

A manufacturer in the energy industry had to resort to time-consuming manual deburring when a competitor’s tool failed to do the job. Deburring the part outside the machine took approximately 9 minute...

Reducing Production Costs for Machining Inconel Gear Housings with Heule's BSF back spotfacing tool

A precision aerospace manufacturer faced intricate challenges using a competitor's back spotfacing tool during a gear housing project. Complications such as tool breakage and poor insert longevity aro...

finished hole cross hole deburr

A hydraulics manufacturer was able to reduce production costs and eliminate manual deburring using HEULE's X-Bores technology to deburr complex cross bores. 

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