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DL2: Small Diameter Deburring

Swiss Precision Since 1961



Small Diameter Deburring Tool

The DL2 is a small, robust, and reliable mechanical deburring tool for bores from 1.00 mm to 2.10 mm in diameter. It is designed for CNC operation and ensures high efficiency and process reliability.


The DL2 has a very simple but robust construction, consisting of only four component parts. The blade is integrated into the spring to form a single unit, which makes it easy to change without the need for tweezers or a magnifying glass.


The DL2 uses a smart tool concept with internal blade cooling. The coolant is supplied through the tool and guided directly to the cutting edge of the carbide blade. This ensures optimal performance and process safety during high-volume production.


Advantages of the DL2 deburring tool:

  • Small and robust design
  • Reliable and efficient operation
  • Easy blade change
  • Internal blade cooling for optimal performance


Applications of the DL2 deburring tool:

  • Deburring of small diameter bores in a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and composite materials
  • Deburring of watch cases
  • Deburring of other precision components


Designed for hole diameters Ø1.00 mm to Ø2.10 mm

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