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X-Bores: Cross Hole Deburring

Swiss Precision Since 1961

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Automated Solutions for Cross Hole Deburring


With X-BORES, HEULE takes up the challenge to provide solutions for cross hole deburring in even the most complex situations using new materials or material combinations. By replacing the necessity to manually deburr cross holes, HEULE provides an automated solution that saves cycle time and produces higher quality parts, while allowing you to easily satisfy the rising demands of production.


HEULE is an experienced problem-solver providing customer-optimized solutions for both standard and complex cross hole deburring applications. 


cross hole deburring applications for sloped bores


A Solution for Cross Hole Deburring of Sloped Bores

For many cross hole deburring applications that our customers encounter, COFA is the best solution for replacing manual deburring. In situations where parts are being hand deburred because of the existence of cross holes, a standard COFA tool is often the way to eliminate time and labor, while also producing more consistent, higher quality parts.

Typical cross hole deburring situations for COFA:

  • Sloped surfaces
  • Uneven and even surfaces
  • Crossing bores with limits in respect of the penetration angle


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cross hole deburring for 1:1 ratio bores


A Solution for Cross Hole Deburring of 1:1 Ratio Cross Holes


Typical Applications:

  • Bores with an identical or almost identical diameter crossing each other
  • Bores which merge into one another
  • Crossing bores with center axis offset and interfering edges that shield the surface to be deburred indirectly


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cross hole deburring for main bores with intersecting bores


A Solution for Cross Hole Deburring of Main Bores with Intersecting Bores


Typical Applications:

  • Intersecting cross bores leaving sharp edges
  • The main bore is a central bore with several cross bores leading in


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Need help selecting a tool? Visit our online Tool Selector and go to the Locate Agent page on our website to find your local technical sales representative. For more assistance, contact us at or 513-860-9900 and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.  

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