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GH-K: Countersinking Tool

Swiss Precision Since 1961

GH-K Countersinking Tool

GH-K Chatter-Free Countersinking Tool



The GH-K is a precision countersinking tool designed to deliver chatter-free performance across a wide range of applications. Engineered with positive geometry for high shear cutting action, it features replaceable, re-grindable blades, making it an economical choice for various machining tasks.


Key Features

  • Precision Inserted Countersink Tool: Offers a large countersink range with precision and efficiency.
  • High Shear Cutting Action: Positive geometry ensures optimal cutting performance.
  • Versatile Blade Options:
    • Carbide blades for cast iron, aluminum, and non-ferrous materials.
    • HSS-Cobalt coated blades for stainless steel and steel applications.
  • Economical and Reusable: Replaceable and re-grindable blades reduce overall costs.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for conventional milling of chamfers around the perimeter of larger holes or entire parts.
  • Reduced Chatter and Improved Finish: Short radial clearance minimizes chatter and enhances surface finish.
  • Variety of Tool Configurations: Three-bladed tools for manual or CNC applications; single-bladed tools for all machining centers.



  • Immediate Stock: Available in sizes ranging from 3 mm to 45 mm (0.118" to 1.771").


Operational Insights

As the tool is fed into the part, the blades start cutting once the tip contacts the material. The operator continues to feed the tool until the desired countersink size is achieved, then rapidly retracts the tool. The GH-K's shallow radial clearance ensures precision and chatter-free countersinks, although controlled feed rates may be necessary. For more aggressive feed rates, shims can be added to adjust the tool's performance.



  • Precision and Efficiency: Delivers accurate countersinks without chatter.
  • Cost-Effective: Replaceable and re-grindable blades extend the tool's lifespan.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a variety of materials and machining applications.


Optimize your machining operations with the GH-K chatter-free countersinking tool, available for immediate delivery in a wide range of sizes.

GH-K Cover

How Do I Order a GH-K? 


Step-by-Step Ordering Guide

  1. Select the Tool Body: Choose the appropriate tool body based on the required countersink size.
  2. Choose the Blades: Select blades according to the material type and desired countersink angle.
    • For Manual Feed Operations: Opt for the triple-bladed tool for optimal performance.


Additional Resources

  • Interactive Catalog: View Interactive Catalog
  • Customer Support: If you have any questions, contact your local sales agent for assistance.


Ensure precision and efficiency in your countersinking tasks by selecting the right GH-K tool and blades tailored to your specific needs.


Questions? Contact Your Local Sales Agent

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