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"We are now drilling and chamfering both sides of the part [with Vex-S] faster than we can tap it."

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How Does It Work?

The VEX-S Tool combines a new high performance solid carbide drill with Heule’s patented SNAP chamfering system to drill and chamfer through holes in a single operation. Combining common operations increases the user’s productivity and e ciency while maintaining quality. The specially developed connecting system ensures a robust and accurate connection with the tool body and facilitates good transmission of power and also allows quick and easy replacement of the VEX-S twist drill. The replaceable VEX drill tip can be reground and recoated for optimum cost e ectiveness and is available in sizes 5-12.0 mm.

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drill chamfer combination tool


High Performance Drilling and Chamfering

  • Patented self-centering cutting geometry sets new benchmarks in drilling technology
  • Solid carbide drill tip combined with patented SNAP chamfering system
  • High drilling performance with short chips, even with long chipping materials
  • Large chip channel optimizes swarf evacuation
  • Quick and easy drill tip and chamfer blade replacement
  • No pre-setting between drill changes
  • Ideal for high-production environments
  • Typical applications include brake discs, tube applications, wheel hubs 

Available from stock for immediate delivery in sizes from 5 mm to 12 mm
Customized designs available for special application needs



VEX-S combination drilling tool

How Do I Order a VEX-S Tool?

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1. Determine the drill hole size.
2. Select the appropriate Drill Tip and the coordinating Tool holder.
3. Choose the SNAP chamfer blade according to the needed chamfer size.

Application Sheet for Vex-S

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VEX-S Case Study

Saving Cycle Time While Drilling and Deburring Aluminum

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Drilling holes in aluminum produces long chips that wrap around the tool, making it necessary to debur the holes in a separate operation. This manufacturer in the aerospace industry was looking for a solution to reduce cycle time.

aluminum shavings produced from CNC drilling
Large aluminum shavings were getting caught in the drill tip and slowing down production time.

Application Details

  • Bore: Ø11.0 mm
  • Bore Depth: Ø2.0 mm
  • Material: Aluminum


To effectively perform this application and cut cycle time, we chose the VEX-S tool for the drilling operation, with internal coolant and bore depth 1xd, along with the SNAP tool for the deburring operation. Both tools were coated with DLC for use in aluminum.  

Machining Parameters:

Speed: 5000rev/min
Feed: 0.1 mm/rev
Cooling: internal cooling

aluminum profile machined with a hole deburring and drilling tool for aluminum


With the VEX-S and the correct cutting data, it became possible to machine thin aluminum profiles without the risk of the shavings interfering and stalling the process. The customer was very happy with a shortened cycle time while producing a higher quality part.

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