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HEULE Solutions for Countersinking

Automated Tools for High-volume Manufacturing

SOLO: The fastest and most durable spotfacing/counterboring tool on the market, SOLO is  also able to produce front and back countersinking operations. 

GH-K: With interchangeable blades to simplify use, GH-K produces large chatter-free countersinks from 3 mm-45 mm. 

GH/Z-E: For large part production and the turbine industry, GH-Z/E produces forward and reverse spotfaces and counterbores as well as special form countersinks and other contour forms. Designed and built to meet your specific application.

COMP: Each COMP tool is designed and built to your specification and allows multiple countersinking and drilling operations on uneven surfaces. 

Automated back counterboring tool


Powerful Automatic Front and Back Spotfacing/Counterboring

  • The strongest and most efficient automatic front and back spotfacing/counterboring tool on the market
  • Excellent ratio of price and performance
  • No anti-rotation or stop block are required
  • Suitable for all CNC, transfer, dial, and multi-spindle machines
  • Completely closed head prevents coolant contamination
  • Pin-driven cutting blade prevents chips from jamming the system
  • Easy handling, Quick-change blade (insert) system with modular set-up.  

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Automated countersink tool


Chatter-free Countersinking Tool

  • Precision inserted countersink tool with a large countersink range
  • Positive geometry allows for high sheer cutting action
  • Optional blade choices come in carbide, suited for cast iron, aluminum, and other non-ferrous materials' and HSS-Cobalt coated for stainless and steel applications 
  • Replaceable, re-grindable blades make this an economical choice
  • Can be used to conventional mill chamfers around the perimeter of a larger hole or entire part
  • Short radial clearance reduces chatter and improves surface finish
  • Three-bladed tools suited for manual or CNC machine applications while the economical single-bladed tool is designed for all machining centers 

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Counterbore and Countersink Tool


Reliable Automated Front and Back Counterboring/Countersinking Tools

  • Designed for front and back counterboring of large parts 
  • Capable of producing forward and reverse spotfaces as well as special from countersinks and other contour forms
  • Prevents chip interference when blade is activated
  • Modular tool system with coolant through the center
  • Suitable for CNC machines
  • Used widely in the turbine industry and large part production
  • GH-Z: Two effective cutters
  • GH-E: Single cutter for larger ratio counterbores

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Countersink tool


Combination Countersinking and Drilling Tool

  • Allows multiple drilling and countersinking operations on uneven surfaces
  • No marking of the part by the non-rotational contact foot
  • Eliminates the inconsistency of manual countersinking
  • Saves cycle time
  • Uses a threaded quick-change drill and/or countersink system
  • Produces countersinks in aluminum, titanium, and composite for critical aircraft components
  • Common parts include seat rails, floor boards and other structural components, aluminum wheels, and high-value aluminum casting 

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