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SNAP-X cross hole deburring tool


Cross Hole Deburring for Main Bores

  • Customized tool that deburrs cross bores that leave sharp edges, such as for a central bore where several cross bores of various diameters lead in from different angles
  • Allows several cross bores to be machined right at the burr base
  • Effective on shafts and drive train components with intersecting cross holes
  • Penetrates the main bore and deburrs the entering cross holes in one single pass
  • Suitable for any bore diameter
  • Designed for high-volume manufacturing to automate processes currently done manually
  • Simple blade changes reduce downtime 

Customized tooling available for a range of hole sizes 

How Do I Order a SNAP-X Tool? 

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SNAP-X Tools are fully customized and built for your specific application. Please see the SNAP-X brochure for more ordering information and Contact Your Local Sales Agent for assistance. 

Need help selecting a tool? Visit our online Tool Selector and go to the Locate Agent page on our website to find your local technical sales representative. For more assistance, contact us at or 513-860-9900 and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.